Mobile phones need proper maintenance to remain in good condition and improve its performance. The following tips will help you maintain your mobile phone. Store it in a dry place. Avoid extreme temperature changes to avoid destroying it. Keep the mobile free from unused apps to ensure better battery life. Uninstalling unused apps will free up more storage space for new ones. Clean the cache and unused data from your handset to speed up internet connection and save bandwidth.

Run a battery health check to keep your device running at its optimal level. Most experts recommend charging the phone every two days to keep the battery juice up. Cleaners will also help you find apps that drain the phone’s power. You should also install antivirus software to protect your phone from malware. Malware can damage your device, causing it to waste power and cause overheating. Avoid placing the mobile phone near hot surfaces and direct sunlight.

Carry it in a bag filled with rice if it gets wet. The moisture may damage the phone’s circuit board and prevent it from working properly. Never use your mobile phone in a bathroom. The humidity will damage the circuit board invisibly. If the phone is left for too long, the battery may need to be replaced. You can also check the battery level of your mobile phone by inserting a small paper towel into the bag containing uncooked rice.

Clean your phone regularly. Ensure that you always use safe batteries and purchase them from authorized dealers. Lock your SIM card to avoid unauthorized use. Clean your mobile phone with a soft cloth every day to keep it looking new. If your mobile phone is prone to scratches or germs, a cover can help protect it from these damages. And if you want to prolong the battery life of your handset, tweak some settings. Try turning off Wi-Fi, brightness, and vibration mode. Finally, clean your handset’s battery. Cleaning it helps remove sediments from the battery and allowing it to complete a discharge cycle.

Cleaning your phone often will help keep it running at its optimal level. The screens of your phone can harbour harmful bacteria and viruses. Deep cleaning your phone at least twice a week can help keep it in pristine condition. Disinfecting wipes are available and can be used to sanitize your device. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to keep your phone looking clean and working. Once you’ve completed these tasks, your phone will remain at peak performance.

If your smartphone is suffering from overheating, the first thing you should do is take it out of its protective case. Doing so will allow your phone to cool down more quickly. Similarly, you can turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and airplane mode to decrease the amount of energy it consumes. This will help save you money on energy bills. It’s best to use soft cleaning cloths with appropriate screen cleaners.

By Antony