If you want to use your iPad as a second monitor for your Mac, you can use a simple trick. You can connect your iPad to your Mac through AirPlay, which will mirror your primary display. It will retain the same wallpaper and use the same screen resolution. You can drag windows and applications from your regular display to the iPad’s display.

Once you have your iPad and Mac connected, you’ll need to enable Handoff, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on both devices. You should also have both devices signed into the same iCloud account. To begin, enable a few features and move to side-by-side mode. Once you’ve done this, you can use the mirrored display in macOS Big Sur Control Center or the menu bar.

Sidecar is an Apple feature that lets you use your iPad as a second monitor. It’s simple and easy to set up and mirrors your Mac’s content to the iPad. To use Sidecar, you’ll need the same Apple ID on your Mac and iPad.

Alternatively, you can also use the Duet Display to connect your iPad to your Mac. It uses a 30-pin or Lightning cable and allows fast connections. It even supports video playback. The Duet Display is compatible with the iPad Pro, which has a 12.9-inch display. To see how it works, visit this link.

To use Sidecar, you must be within 10 meters of your Mac to make the connection. Once your iPad and Mac are connected, the Sidecar software will adjust the settings on the iPad. When the iPad is connected to the Mac, you can use Touch gestures to change the settings on the iPad.

You can also use the Sidebar of the iPad to access the controls you use on your Mac. The sidebar contains buttons for the desktop and the menu bar, as well as the keyboard keys. These buttons are handy when you’re using the iPad as a display because you can tap them to perform different actions.

You can also use the AirPlay icon in your Mac to connect to your iPad. The menu bar of your Mac will have an AirPlay icon. Click the AirPlay icon and select “Connect to iPad” from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve connected, you can now move windows from one screen to the other.

There are many ways to use your iPad as a second monitor. You can mirror or extend the display, depending on which settings you select. For example, you can enable the Sidebar to the left or right, or show the Touch Bar on the top or bottom. Another option is to enable double-tap functionality for your Apple Pencil. Alternatively, you can move windows from your Mac to the iPad.

Universal Control is another great feature that is available for Mac and iPad users. This feature allows you to use the same keyboard and mouse for the two devices. You can also use Sidecar to switch between the displays.

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